Visa to Poland

Before coming to Poland you should apply for a visa document, which depending on the type, will allow you to legally stay, or both – stay and work in Poland. How can you apply for your visa document?

In order to obtain visa document, you should submit a visa application in the territorially competent consulate office:

  • Consular Department of the Polish Embassy in Minsk
  • Polish consulate in Grodno
  • Polish consulate in Brest.

In order to book an appointment at one of the above mentioned offices it is recommended to register via the website.

On the website you can also generate your visa application.

When applying for a visa, the following documents should be attached:

  1. Travel document (passport),
  2. Visa application completed and signed,
  3. Biometric photo,
  4. Confirmation of visa fee payment,
  5. Medical insurance,
  6. Other supporting documents, confirming:
    • purpose of entry to Poland;
    • possession of means of subsistence for entry, stay and exit from Polish territory;
    • necessity to stay in the territory of Poland for more than 90 days during a six-month period.

The type and number of supporting documents may vary depending on the consular office. Therefore, it is recommend to contact the relevant consular office directly to obtain full information on the supporting documents necessary to submit a visa application.

Remember that when specifying the purpose of your stay in Poland you can refer to your employer’s declaration of entrusting work to a foreigner (if your future employer has provided you with such a document). It will make it easier to obtain the D type national visa, and will allow you to work legally in Poland up to six months.

If you are planning a longer stay in Poland and in the future you would like to apply for a unified permit for a temporary stay and work, remember that your stay in Poland CANNOT be based on a touristic visa or a visa provided in order to visit your family. You should apply for a D type visa which enables you to stay in the territory of Poland for a total of more than 90 days (at least 91 days) during one or more visits within a half-year period calculated from the date of first entry. Additionally, the national D-type visa entitles the holder to move within the territory of other Schengen states for up to three months within a half-year period.

For IT sector sepcialists polish government has opened a special visa facilitation program, Poland. Business Harbour. All the details you may find in this section.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.