Residence registration obligation

The residence registration obligation (pol. obowiązek meldunkowy, meldunek) applies to every person who lives in Poland (including foreigners) and involves the necessity to register at the place of permanent or temporary residence.

The residence registration obligation must be fulfilled at the latest on the

  • 4th day after arrival to the place of residence, if you are a non EU citizen,
  •  30th day after arrival to the place of residence, if you are a EU citizen.

There are two types of residence registration:

  1. register for the permanent residence if you live permanently at a particular address,
  2. register for the temporary residence if you live temporarily for more than 3 months at a particular address.

Remember, if the basis of your stay in Poland is a visa document and you don’t have yet a residence card, you can register only for a temporary residence.

What kind of documents you need to prepare to submitt an application. If you are not the owner of the property and you have no other legal title to the apartment, but you want to register in – please, bring:

  1. A document that confirms the legal title to the apartment of the owner or another entity,
  2. Permanent or temporary residence application form filled in and signed,
  3. ID card or passport,
  4. Visa document.

The documents should be submitted to the City Hall in one of the Residential Service Centres, after making an appointment reservation via the website.

The permament residence registration service is free of charge. You do not pay anything for the first certificate. Each subsequent certificate issued afterresidence registration, for example, when you lose the first document, costs 17 PLN.

The temporary residence registration costs 17 PLN.

All the details and application forms you can find on the website about temporary or permament residence registartion.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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