Residence legalization

To apply for a temporary residence permit, we recommend using the application generator available here. The generator makes it easier to fill in the application thanks to the possibility of using the suggested data, available both in the expandable dictionary lists and checkboxes. The system also reminds about omitting a particular field, notifying the need to fill it. 

What is important – the generator does not serve the submitting process, but is only a tool to help you fill in the applications correctly. After generating the application form in the system, you should print it out (you’ll need two pieces, filled in polish language with capital letters), check the correctness and completeness of the data included in it, sign the application with a legible signature and then arrange an appointment in the Pomeranian Voivodeship Office in order to submit your application. You can reserve the date of your visit via the website.

You should attach to your application such documents, as:

  • 4 photos meeting the legally established criteria,
  • photocopy of a valid travel document (the original should be available for inspection),
  • two photocopies of the passport page with personal data and a photo,
  • other documents necessary to confirm the data included in the application,
  • confirmation of payment the stamp duty,
  • evidence of having a health insurance (e.g. a policy or a certificate from ZUS)
  • documents that confirm having stable and regular source of income, sufficient to cover the costs of living for oneself and the foreigner’s dependent family members (e.g. PIT statement on the amount of income achieved, ZUS certificates, etc.).
  • documents that confirm having sufficient financial funds to cover the costs of subsistence and return journey to the country of origin/ residence or the costs of transit to a third country which will grant the entry permit (e.g. traveller’s cheques, credit card limit certificates, information about granted scholarships, etc.).
  • documents confirming the place of residence provided on the territory of the Republic of Poland (e.g. certificates of residence registration or apartment lease agreements).

Dear Foreigner, please remember!

All applications and documents concerning the legalization of foreigners’ stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland should be:

  • prepared in Polish,
  • translated into Polish by a sworn translator – in the case of documents drawn up in a foreign language, which serve as evidence in the proceedings, e.g. foreign civil status records, contracts, etc. The obligation to provide a translation does not apply to a travel document.
  • originals or copies officially certified as true copies (it means that instead of the original document, a party may submit a copy of the document if its complience with the original has been certified by a notary public or by the party’s attorney acting in the case being an advocate or legal adviser or by an authorized employee of the authority conducting the proceedings (voivode) to whom the original document was presented together with a copy) – it doesn’t applicate to identity documents.

If your application meets all the formal requirements and receives a positive result, the Voivode will issue a decision on a temporary residence permit in Poland. On the basis of this decision you will receive a Residence Card (pol. Karta Pobytu) – a document confirming your legal stay on the territory of Poland. The card is valid for the period of time for which a temporary residence permit was issued. It entitles the foreigner to multiple polish border crossings without the need to obtain a visa.

If you would like to ask us any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.