Poland. Business Harbour Programme for Small, Medium and Large Enterprises

Poland. Business Harbour Programme is not only about IT specialists or Start Ups. If you are a small, medium or large company, you can also count on support.

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency is a state-controlled agency tasked with supporting foreign direct investment in Poland. For Belarusian entrepreneurs, they have created a dedicated task force of experts, who will ensure a smooth relocation of business, among others:

  • Guidance on the formal aspects of moving a company to Poland or setting up a branch office.
    • Legal advisory
    • Assistance in identifying the optimal location and finding a suitable office
    • Assistance in identifying potential Polish business partners
  • Compiling market and sector-specific data
    • General and sector-specific information (including macroeconomic aspects, legal and tax regulatiions and cultural aspects)
    • Specialist legal, business and investment-related reports for investors from selected markets.
    • Assistance in obtaining all information needed to choose the location for an office or investment, analysis of the real estate market and organisation of meetings with stakeholders
    • Reports on, among others, the local job market or the regional profile of economic activity
    • Localization consulting (greenfield and brownfield) and preparing an offer of office space
  • Compiling information about business incentives
    • Information on the rules governing the usage of state aid for new investment projects
    • Preparing a package of the support mechanisms available (tax deductions and grants) for new investments
  • Organising B2B meetings
    • Organising individual meetings with potential partners and service suppliers
    • Access to the business mixer and matchmaking
  • Assistance in the contact with the local authorities
    • Supporting the investor in liaising with the public administration in, among others, visa and immigration issues
    • Supporting the investor in contact with the local government
  • Support in external communication
  • Promoting the investor through all communication channels at the Agency’s disposal (such as websites and social media)

More information about the support dedicated to the SML Enterprises you can find on PAIH website. There is also a FAQ section, where you can find the aswer for most frequently asked questions.