Industry Clusters


Pomerania is a rising star in the fired of Artificial Intelligence. AI is revolutionizing the world and Tricity is where you want to be if you want in on the action. The number of companies in the AI sector has been growing rapidly in Tricity since 2015, making Gdańsk the second most promising location in Poland when it comes to AI potential, according to the recent Digital Poland report.

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Aviation Hub was founded in February 2020 by Invest in Pomerania, Boeing, Gdansk Airport, and Smart4Aviation, Aviation Hub is a regional cluster of aviation-related companies in Pomerania. 

As 3cITy is considered as one of the top 5 locations to conduct business delivery of the modern technology solutions, we believe that positioning Aviation Hub in Pomerania will help to leverage on that potential.

Currently, aviation-related companies in the region employee around 1.5K people. The aim is to grow and to bring more job profiles into the region that will address the global demand for specialization in the aviation industry.

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