Driving License

If you already have a driving license issued by the country of Belarus then you don’t need to exchange your document for the polish one. Belarus is a party to the Convention on Road Traffic in Vienna of 8 November 1968 and because of that driving license is valid in Poland within six months of the commencement of a permanent or temporary stay, but no longer than during the period of validity of the driving licence.

Receiving your first driving license in Poland

The driving license is issued by the head of an administrative county district (starosta) at the request of an applicant and on the basis of an administrative decision.

Before you start attending driving classes you must receive the PKK (Profil Kandydata na Kierowcę – Driver Candidate Profile) number from the Department of Motor Vehicles for administrative county district (starostwo) or from the Municipal Office (district office);

State driving license exams are held in the Province Road Traffic Centers (Wojewódzkie Ośrodki Ruchu Drogowego – WORD). The driver candidate may take the state exam in any center located on the territory of Poland, irrespective of the place of residence of the candidate.

The state exam is composed of two parts:

  • theory part – consisting of single choice tests with questions generated in real time by an IT device (it is possible to take this part of the exam in English);
  • practice part – in this part of the exam an appropriate vehicle is used (the practice part of the state exam is available only to persons who passed the theory part of the exam); persons not speaking Polish may be accompanied by a sworn interpreter.

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