Pomerania – Job Hunting in times of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected … well.. everything! Including the job market which has gone through significant changes in the last few months. Even though sectors such as tourism, gastronomy or hotel industry as well as other service have seen a decline, most businesses are operating as before. However, employers are being cautious and adapting their remote working policies. To ensure that business growth does not slow down, almost all companies have moved to 100% online recruitment.

“Sea of new technologies. Pomorskie 2020” – The Pomerania Startup Guide

“Sea of new technologies. Pomorskie 2020” is a startup guide for the Pomeranian business ecosystem and a compendium of knowledge about the business environment, local initiatives and events supporting the budding innovator. The report is presenting examples of startups that function perfectly on the regional market and show the innovation and creativity of their founders.

Women in IT in Pomerania

Is the IT industry for women? Are women working in IT in Pomerania satisfied with the choice of their profession? What opportunities does the Pomeranian job market offer for women who want to develop in the IT industry? These and other questions are answered by the report acting as a guide for women who want to start their professional adventure in the IT industry, which was based on a study commissioned by the Office of the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship by the Antal company.

Legalisation of stay and employment of foreigners in Poland – FAQ

Issues related to the legalisation of employment and stay of foreigners in Poland still raise many doubts – both among employers and their foreign employees. In order to make it easier to navigate among statutory regulations, the Invest in Pomerania team in cooperation with specialists from the Pomeranian Voivodeship Office have created a publication containing a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding the procedure of applying for a residence and work permit in Poland.

How IT companies can sign up to be a part of the Poland. Business Harbour Programme?

Within the programme Poland. Business Harbour, Polish IT companies may apply for participation in the project. The list of companies which have prepared a range of job offers dedicated to the incoming Belarusian workers is constantly growing. Both the full list of companies participating in the undertaking and their contact details can be found onContinue reading “How IT companies can sign up to be a part of the Poland. Business Harbour Programme?”

Special IT Specialists Programme

Individual IT specialists participating in the Poland. Business Harbour Programme, dedicated to IT specialists will have their visa applications fast-tracked, as long as they meet at least one of the following conditions: they have received education in a technology-related field, they have at least one year of experience working in the IT sector, one ofContinue reading “Special IT Specialists Programme”

Looking for a job

3cITy is a place of many interesting professional development opportunities – especially but not exclusively for IT specialist. Companies from IT sector are waiting for experienced, talented and ambitious candidates! Looking for a job might seem to you challenging. But don’t worry, in collaboration with Tricity employers we are doing our best to make itContinue reading “Looking for a job”