Immigrants, Migrants, the Pomerania Perspective

Pomerania, due to its unique location has always been a melting pot. Foreigners have always been a part of our community, enriching our culture by bringing in bits of their culture and food. Between 2014-2019 the number of residence permits (of different types) granted increased by almost 2.5 times and continue to grow. The Office for Foreigners reports that 73% of applications for residence submitted in 2019 were related to work opportunities. The growing number of immigrants and migrants has created a need for strategies and solutions to help them legalise and integrate. This is especially true for migrants who are here or are looking at coming to Pomerania because it provides them with a safe haven and socio-economic opportunities.

Cost of living in Pomerania – young family

Do you dream of living by the sea? You are not the only one! Many young families with children see their future here. They are tempted by the vision of weekend walks on the beach and bike trips through Kashubian forests, clean air and countless attractions that Pomerania offers. However, apart from the attractive location, the cost of living in our region is of great importance when deciding to move here.

How much does student life in Pomerania cost?

Before deciding where to study, each student must analyze a number of factors: the level of the university, the availability of interesting specializations, employment prospects, and most of all the cost of living. Tricity is still an exceptionally attractive destination because it combines a rich educational offer with sustainable living costs.

Students’ Societies and Associations in Pomerania

The program of your studies hasn’t been enough and you’re not satisfied with the knowledge you’ve gained in some specific areas? You want to meet interesting people while acquiring new skills, and gaining experience which will allow you to stand out in a competitive job market? Or maybe all you need is support and advice? Let’s take a closer look at a few chosen ones from a long list of students’ societies, organizations, and associations in Tricity and the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

Pomerania – Job Hunting in times of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected … well.. everything! Including the job market which has gone through significant changes in the last few months. Even though sectors such as tourism, gastronomy or hotel industry as well as other service have seen a decline, most businesses are operating as before. However, employers are being cautious and adapting their remote working policies. To ensure that business growth does not slow down, almost all companies have moved to 100% online recruitment.

Women in IT in Pomerania

Is the IT industry for women? Are women working in IT in Pomerania satisfied with the choice of their profession? What opportunities does the Pomeranian job market offer for women who want to develop in the IT industry? These and other questions are answered by the report acting as a guide for women who want to start their professional adventure in the IT industry, which was based on a study commissioned by the Office of the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship by the Antal company.

Disability does not exclude professional activity

Opening the subject of persons with disabilities in our working places. From technical and mental point of view are offices friendly for all? Should the HR departments prepare dedicated teams, places, support or the system of work should include all groups of person’s needs?
Here you can find opening opinion from Radosław Krasowski working at cooperting with #InvestInPomeratnia Santander Global Operations in Gdansk as HR director.

Tricity Attractions for Foreigners – What’s There to Do If You Don’t Know Polish

When our foreign friends visit Tri-City, we feel obliged to show them around the most interesting places and monuments. Fontanna Neptuna (Neptune’s Fountain), the historic Długi Targ (Long Market), the Sopot pier, the cliff in Gdynia, the Błyskawica (Lightning) ship and the Dar Pomorza (Gift of Pomerania) sailing ship are key points of trips. However, what can we do if our guests have already seen these popular Tri-City attractions and are thirsty for more?