Can a Visa be Extended?

You want to stay in Poland longer? Read the second part of the guide Legalisation of Stay and Employment of Foreigners in Poland and find out what to do to extend your visa.

Free apps for learning Polish language

If you didn’t know Polish is not exactly an easy language, rather it has been voted as one of the top 5 most difficult languages in the world! But, if you are anything like us, adding Polish to your arsenal of superpowers is a challenge you will relish! Earlier, we would have given you a list to twenty words and the addresses of a few language schools, but not anymore! Why do you need a full time classroom when you can use apps.

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Tricity Attractions for Foreigners – What’s There to Do If You Don’t Know Polish

When our foreign friends visit Tri-City, we feel obliged to show them around the most interesting places and monuments. Fontanna Neptuna (Neptune’s Fountain), the historic Długi Targ (Long Market), the Sopot pier, the cliff in Gdynia, the Błyskawica (Lightning) ship and the Dar Pomorza (Gift of Pomerania) sailing ship are key points of trips. However, what can we do if our guests have already seen these popular Tri-City attractions and are thirsty for more?